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About NorJus

We work a lot with inheritance cases and with spouse / cohabitation, labor law, company law, contract law and copyright law. Clients are mostly private individuals and companies. Lawyer MNA Eivind Bergh-Jacobsen is the principal owner of the law firm DA NorJus.

How do you get in touch with NorJus?

You can call + 47 22 555 180, write an e-mail or send a message via the message box to the right of the page. Our office is located in Sognsveien 75 C at Ullevål Stadium. Find more contact information here.

If you have a legal problem

and the problem lies within one of NorJus’ professional fields, we will provide you with a preliminary assessment of your legal position as soon as possible. If you have papers or documents related to the case, it is important for us to look intothem.

If you have come into conflict with someone,

we can look into the matter and consider your position. If we consider your matter strong enough for going forward, we will promote your interests either through negotiations or in court.
If you contact us, we will evaluate your case free of charge and decide whether to undertake it or not.

If you are uncertain about your rights and obligations,

we can review the situation with you and do our best to clarify your position.

What is the business philosophy of NorJus?

We are here for you and will safeguard your interests by all legal means. When you hire us, you will be entitled to full insight into our work. Our fees must be kept within decent limits, both in relation to our amount of workand to the result achieved.

Who are NorJus’ clients?

NorJus’ clients are mainly private individuals and companies. The companies range from small single-person enterprises up to businesses with sales of NOK 70-80 million.
Most people who contact NorJus are located in the Greater Oslo area, but we help people and businesses all over the country and in other countries. For those who do not have specialized law firms in their immediate area, or who, for other reasons do not want to bring in a local law firm, it may make sense to ask NorJus for help.

What do clients think about NorJus?

We have received a lot of nice and positive feedback from our clients. You can read a small selection of these client testimonials here.

Does your problem lie within one of NorJus’ disciplines?

Most law firms limit their business to some specific disciplines. At NorJus we work mainly with:

  • Inheritance law
  • Labor law
  • Spouse / cohabitant law
  • Company law
  • Contract law
  • Property, housing, rental conditions
  • Finance
  • Debt collection, debt
  • Copyright law

Inheritance law

We can assist you in all types of inheritance issues. We can help you to draw up your will, assess inheritance issues, assist you and any co-heirs with probate and inheritance settlements, etc. In many inheritance settlement cases, it is important to be aware of the inheritance’s impact on tax and certain benefits from the government. Within the framework of the law, we help you get the lowest possible tax.

If you are living abroad and about to inherit a deceased person who lived in Norway, we will be pleased to help you.

Read more about inheritance and probate law in Norway here.

Labor law

NorJus helps both employers and employees. Our assistance includes drawing up or interpreting employment contracts, clarify holidays and leave issues and, not least, assist with dismissal questions. We can help you assess whether a dismissal is fair and legal. We can assist you in discussions, negotiations and possibly in litigation unless otherwise resolved.

Spouse / cohabitant law

Do you and your partner or spouse have assets of different value, which you want to safeguard, or have one or both of you children from previous relationships? Then you should draw up a cohabitation agreement or a prenup. You can do this on your own, but there is then a clear risk that the agreement may at one or more points have completely different effects than you intended.

Many marriages and cohabiting relationships end with breakup. If you are feeling the least bit unsecure that your interests are being taken care of, you should get legal assistance.

NorJus can assist you with drawing up a cohabitation agreement if you are cohabitants, a prenup valid in Norway for spouses, or provide assistance in connection with divorce or dissolution of cohabiting relationship.

Company law

The establishment, ownership and operation of a company involves a number of legal issues. The most important questions are clarified in the Norwegian Companies Acts and the company’s articles of association. A company’s articles of association are avilable from the Company Register. In companies with relatively few owners, ownership agreements may regulate the relationship between the owners discreetly and effectively.

Minority rights and the rights of shareholders in different share classes can be difficult to determine and may vary from company to company. NorJus provides assistance with business establishment, ownership agreements, disputes between owners, rights issues etc. We assist with negotiations, legal assistance, investigations and answers to individual questions.

Contract law

In addition to the law and regulations, agreements are an important basis for the rights and obligations of persons, companies and public bodies. At NorJus, we work with agreements of various kinds. We help to prepare, change and interpret agreements.

Two parties are of course free to enter into an agreement on their own. However, an experienced lawyer usually quickly sees whether an agreement is drawn up by a lawyer or a non-lawyer.

If you are in the process of entering into an agreement, and if it is important for you to end up with an agreement which safeguards your interests in the best possible way, you should absolutely seek help from us or another law firm with broad experience with contract law.

Property, housing, rental conditions

If you are going to buy or sell real estate or housing without using a broker, you will normally need the help of a lawyer. NorJus can help you with all formalities.

If you have bought or sold property and have encountered a problem, NorJus can help you. You can also get help from us in creating or interpreting a lease, and assistance in connection with termination of lease.


NorJus can help you create or evaluate loan agreements and help with loan negotiations and other financing issues. If larger amounts are involved, it will almost always be worthwhile to get the help of a lawyer with knowledge of finance.

Debt collection / debt

NorJus has well-functioning debt collection systems. Usually, we send out a collection notice the same day we are asked to, and the matter is followed up within the law.

If you have more debt than you can handle, you should try to come to an arrangement with your creditors. NorJus can help in debt cases.

Copyright law

You can get help from NorJus to create or interpret copyright agreements, and help with copyright disputes.

News and legal articles

Every year we publish 10-20 articles on legal news and other relevant material. The articles are particularly aimed at businesses, but private individuals as well will find material here that may be of interest.

Foreign clients

We assist foreign clients, especially in inheritance and debt collection, but also in other types of cases.