Client reviews

We admit that it can be regarded as self-praise when we quote some positive testimonials that we have received from our English speaking clients. However, our goal is not to boast, but to let you, who don’t know us from before, feel safe that we will always do our best when we render legal assistance. We have anonymised the statements, but will be pleased to connect you with those who have given their opinion.


ZK, judge, Bulgaria

I write to thank you personally and cordially not only for your prompt and proper work in this case, but also for your honest and collegial attitude to NN and MM and for your humane and wise advice to them.

DJ, Akershus

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. May God bless you more!

PK, Dublin, Ireland

I want to thank you for all your help. You were very efficient and helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

LC, Spain

Many, many thanks for your prompt and enlightening response to my email.

CJ, California, USA

I deeply appreciate your diligence for helping my family.

Solicitor MC, Spain

Before signing off, we also wished to thank you for your extreme professionalism, patience, dedication and understanding in this matter, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with you and we certainly look forward to giving you any assistance that you may require in the future.


Tusen takk! I do accept… finding all is in order. It appears that your firm has performed well. I must compliment the person that provided the below English document to me. The English is flawless. Better than I could write with schooling and practice for 85 years (now aged 89 and the oldest of all […]

DS, New York

I am very grateful for your patience and help during this long process.

JE, Oslo

May I too add my thanks, especially for your having taken time for us in the middle of your vacation, for you having been so quick and timely with all matters, and for your advice to get negotiations underway immediately while the spirit of repentance was present. God bless you, yours, and your work.

BT, Finland

We all are very pleased and we have same opinion about this.